Schmale given shadow ministry duties for Crown-Indigenous Relations

By Lindsay Advocate

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer today announced the Conservative shadow cabinet.

As part of that unveiling, local MP Jamie Schmale was named the shadow minister for Crown-Indigenous Relations, reflecting the commitment to holding the government accountable to improving the relationship between the government and indigenous communities.

“It is an honour to have been named the shadow minster for Crown-Indigenous Relations,” said Schmale. “The goal is to reflect the growing strength of the Conservative team and our commitment to work for Canadians from coast to coast.”

“I believe that it is time to work together create a positive future for indigenous youth, including increasing economic and education opportunities. We must support those who are affected by their relationship with the Crown, and work to bring forward policies that make real and measurable improvements in the lives of indigenous peoples of Canada,” said Schmale.

During the 42nd Parliament, Schmale served as shadow minister for Northern Ontario and deputy shadow minister for Natural Resources.

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