University of Toronto medical students experienced rural medicine in Kawartha Lakes

By Lindsay Advocate

Forty-two University of Toronto medical students were in attendance at The Kawartha Lakes Health Care Initiative (KLHCI) and the Ross Memorial Hospital (RMH) sixth annual Rural Medicine Community Experience Day.

The first-and-second year students participated in hands-on workshops in suturing and intubation and were actively involved in group discussions regarding rural mental health.  The students also engaged in a question and answer session led by a panel of local family physicians regarding work and life in Kawartha Lakes.  As this group of students has already expressed interest in practicing rural medicine upon completion of their training, KLHCI is hopeful that this one-day event will encourage many of them to consider a practise in Kawartha Lakes.

“KLHCI cannot coordinate an event such as this without strong support from the leadership and staff of the Ross Memorial Hospital, and the physicians who take part in the workshops and panel.  We would like to thank Dr. Dawn Reid, Dr. Sheila-Mae Young, Dr. Peter Petrosoniak, Dr. Baldeep Paul, Dr. Steven Kim (UofT family medicine resident), along with Michelle Way, RT and Kim Semple, RN for volunteering their expertise and passion for the day.  Further thanks are extended to KLHCI board members, CKL community members and Pane Vino Trattoria,” says Barb van der Veen, Acting KLHCI President.

“On behalf of the medical students, we wish to express our appreciation to the University of Toronto Faculty Medical Society for the grant received to provide transportation and accommodations for the Rural Medicine Community Experience Day,” states Kevin Chen, Ching-Lung Huang, Jeremy Penn and Samuel Murray, organizing committee of the UofT Rural Medicine Interest Group.

KLHCI is a non-profit, charitable organization whose mandate is to recruit and retain family doctors for the City of Kawartha Lakes.  KLHCI is directed through the work of a volunteer Board of Directors that is actively engaged in attracting new Board members from the community.  Should you wish to support our efforts of ongoing recruitment and retention of family doctors in this manner, or through a financial donation, please contact Cindy Snider, Recruitment & Retention Coordinator at 705-328-6098 or , or visit the KLHCI website at

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