Roads 101 roundtables report provides recommendations to council

By Lindsay Advocate

At today’s committee of the whole meeting, former Deputy Mayor Elmslie thanked the public for participating in the Roads 101 Roundtable sessions by attending community meetings and providing feedback online through Jump In, Kawartha Lakes.

The feedback received from the community resulted in three key recommendations:

  • Improve drainage on roads through increasing operations on ditching and brushing, as well as continue the practice of paving shoulders where possible.
  • Increase communications, education and engagement around our roads programs, road maintenance and most frequent or recurring concerns.
  • More proactive and preventative maintenance, such as seeking out alternative and viable options for longer lasting patching materials.

In 2019, Elmslie visited communities across Kawartha Lakes to host the municipality’s “Roads 101” sessions.

The purpose of the meetings was to gather community input on improving the efficiency of road operations and to finalize three recommendations to bring to Council.

“The Roads 101 roundtable sessions were a great opportunity to connect with communities across Kawartha Lakes, share information and gather input on what our residents would like to see more of,” stated Elmslie.

“Involving both staff and community members in the meetings created a well-balanced conversation surrounding the needs and priorities of the municipality as a whole.”

Pending approval at the council meeting on January 28, staff will be directed to bring a report to council by the end of June with an outline of how to implement and incorporate the action items.

“The meetings were beneficial to engage residents with varying levels of knowledge and expertise to help provide a voice around what they believe is working and what we may need to address moving forward,” commented Bryan Robinson, director, public works.

“The recommendations coming forward will not only help staff better communicate the right messaging, but the information gathered will further help council in making educated decisions moving forward.”

All questions, answers, presentations and a comprehensive list of all the recommendations are available online.

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