RMH welcomes Dr. Glasine Lawson to new Dr. Gargi Bhatia Family Birthing Centre

By Lindsay Advocate

Ross Memorial is pleased to welcome Dr. Glasine Lawson, obstetrician/gynecologist to the hospital.

Lawson grew up in Toronto and attended medical school at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. She completed a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at New York University Hospital in New York City and has been practicing in Ontario on and off for the past 14 years.

She has a particular interest in promoting and growing women’s health care at RMH. As many gynecological problems have several management options, she intends to educate women on their options so they can make informed decisions.

Lawson is trained in and has performed several different gynecological surgeries including hysterectomies, laparoscopies, surgical management of prolapse, as well as many minor procedures. She can also treat many gynecological problems that are not surgical and work closely with other health care professionals such as physiotherapy, family physicians, midwives and nurse practitioners.

Lawson is looking forward to being a part of the Lindsay and RMH community, especially being involved in the new obstetrics department.

In her free time, she enjoys enjoy travelling, walking, reading and cooking with new recipes.

The new Dr. Gargi Bhatia Birthing Centre, where Lawson will be working, was set up recently to ensure Bhatia’s legacy continues. (Bhatia died in 2021.) 

The Bhatia family announced recently they would make a generous gift to the Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation. The Bhatia’s donation will help meet upcoming needs at the Ross and ensure patients have access to the most advanced medical technology and receive the best care close to home.

“For over 40 years, our mom has been dedicated to providing high quality women’s health for the City of Kawartha Lakes,” said Dr. Sacha Bhatia in a previous media release. “It was her wish that her life’s work continue to support the families in the community we call home.”


  1. Nishu bala says:

    Please let me know when I you have to visit you for my checkup because I am getting too late for my first ultrasound actually the CKL clinic referred my name to you for contacting me.

  2. Ann says:

    Are you taking Dr. Bhatia’s patients or do I need a referral?
    Thank you

  3. Susan Andersen says:

    I have been referred to your office by my nurse practitioner Leanne Crump and just called to find out about my referral only to find out that Dr. Lawson has declined it….not sure why, no explanation was given but this has been a battle for me for 4 years…chronic abdominal pain…been to gastro specialist who has determined this is gynecological….people in different fields are able to feel a lump centered close around belly button yet no one wants to do anything for me or take that responsibility…..I am in chronic pain where it is affecting my bowels back appetite, sleep everything. I just want someone to take me and to take this seriously and want to get to the bottom of this. It has affected my life tremendously. I believe this is something growing on the inside but attaching itself on different areas causing the pain I am in. No meds are relieving it or making it go away. It feels like it is getting bigger
    Please help me ….

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