RMH Auxiliary widens the winners circle with a new 50/50 series

By Lindsay Advocate

The New Year brings a new series of the Ross Family and Friends 50/50 raffle, the RMH Auxiliary’s popular Hospital fundraiser.

Close to $50,000 has already been won by lucky participants, with the other half of the proceeds to support equipment and capital needs at the Ross.  

“The Ross Memorial Hospital is the heart of the community—now more than ever. We often hear from people that they would like to help, but they feel their donations are too small to make a difference. That’s simply not true. As volunteers, we know that every gesture of support, including buying 50/50 tickets, impacts patient care. There are so many equipment and technology needs at the Hospital—every gift counts,” said Karen Simser, 50/50 Raffle Committee Chair. “If you are looking for some good fun and a way to give back—or a special gift for your Valentine—we hope you’ll join the Ross Family and Friends and play our 50/50 raffle.”

In the next 50/50 series, the RMH Auxiliary will giving away up to $15,000 in prizes with a new block of tickets. Tickets will be available for purchase online from January 24 to February 21 on the Auxiliary’s website. 

Ontario residents over 18 years are eligible to participate and may purchase up to ten tickets for the series at a cost of $5.00 each. There are 1000 tickets available for purchase. The potential prize for these draws is $2,500 per draw, if all 1000 tickets are sold.

Draws will take place every two weeks for a total of 6 draws for this series. The first draw takes place March 9.

“We love to see the excitement build with each 50/50 draw. The community has really come together in its support for the Auxiliary’s raffle and for the Ross,” said Erin Coons, RMH Foundation CEO. “We look forward to this upcoming 50/50 series and the joy it brings. Good luck to all, and thank you!” 

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