RJW Digital Imaging restores photographic memories

By Lindsay Advocate

Robert Waskul, RJW Digital Imaging

After his mother passed away, Robert Waskul, owner of RJW Digital Imaging, rediscovered the sentimental value that came with going through boxes and boxes of old photographs.

It was when he was going through these old photographs that he realized “images are the only connection to your past and you must keep these memories from fading away”.

Taking advantage of today’s digital advancements and his 30 years of photographic experience, RJW Digital Imaging is now extending services to include the restoration of old photographs.

He offers display photos as small as table-top size or framed wall portraits.

Samples of photos and display ideas can be found on RJW’s web page or Facebook page.

RJW Digital Imaging web page

RJW Digital Imaging Facebook

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