RJT Solutions can handle your custom office needs

By Lindsay Advocate

When it comes to the efficient use of office space, RJT Solutions has you covered.

Offices and work spaces come in all shapes and sizes – but sometimes it’s not easy to find the right sized desk to fit the space you have.

That’s where Jeff Tompkins of RJT Solutions comes in. He likes to get to know his customers so that he can understand exactly what they need.

He will measure out the space you have available and get one made just right to fit the space. Or perhaps there’s a need for a desk with extra shelving, custom hutch heights, or other unique features.

“If I don’t have a supplier for a product, just ask me for something and I will find someone to buy it from for the customer,” says Jeff.

Along with his day-to-day business Jeff opens up at the Lindsay Square Mall closer to the holidays with a store called WALL IT WALL ART (that won’t hurt your wallet!) “where I sell canvas art and more.”

Jeff was born and raised in Lindsay and has held a broad range of jobs, mainly servicing customers in a retail environment. He thrives on the face-to-face interaction with people and likes real conversations – not any of the high pressure tactics that turn people away.

Check out his website at www.rjts.ca


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