Richardson chosen to be deputy mayor

By Kirk Winter

Tracy Richardson will be the new deputy mayor. File photo.

Ward Eight councillor Tracy Richardson was acclaimed to the position of deputy-mayor by council at their first meeting on Nov. 15.

Every year council gathers for a vote supervised by clerk Cathie Ritchie. Potential candidates are nominated by a fellow councillor and their nomination must receive a seconder to be able to participate in the election for deputy-mayor. If there are multiple candidates nominated and seconded there is then a secret ballot vote.

The deputy-mayor generally acts as a surrogate for the mayor if they are unavailable for events, committee meeting or council meetings. Often the deputy-mayor will be assigned a particular portfolio by the mayor to become a champion of. When newly sworn-in mayor Doug Elmslie was deputy-mayor, former mayor Andy Letham made Elmslie responsible for holding and attending multiple meetings on the state of roads throughout the city, removing that issue and time commitment from the mayor’s plate.

At the Nov. 15 meeting, Ward Two councillor Pat Warren nominated Richardson, and her nomination was seconded by Ward Seven councillor Charlie McDonald.

Ward One councillor Emmett Yeo then nominated Ward Six councillor Ron Ashmore for the position of deputy-mayor. Yeo was unable to get a seconder and Ashmore’s nomination could not go forward, leading to the acclamation of Richardson.

Deputy-mayor Richardson thanked everyone around the table and reminded the new councillors that as deputy-mayor she “is there to support them.”

Richardson, with a long career in sales said, “Resident services and communications will be one of my priorities (as deputy-mayor). We need to see how we can change services and get the proper messages out to our residents.”

Richardson will serve until November of 2023.

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