Remember the Henderson Chick Hatchery? Museum needs your help

By Lindsay Advocate

Since 1957, the Victoria Country Historical Society has shared the stories of generations of families and communities throughout Kawartha Lakes and Canada. As its dedicated volunteers continue the work to preserve not only artifacts but also the stories that go with them, they invite everyone to join the society in an exciting 2019 season at the Olde Gaol Museum.

The Olde Gaol Museum will be curating an exhibit about industries that have served as integral parts of Victoria County’s economy, recognizing that history is made through shared experiences. The museum is looking for people who were employed at or visited these companies, or have specific memories of them.

There are times when the museum comes across research materials in their collection that have no context; a photo or two, perhaps an ad in the newspapers from long ago. The museum wants to find more information to really fill in the blanks of a story that is part of our community. One that has been identified is the Henderson Chick Hatchery, formerly at 14 Kent Street East in Lindsay.

Some things the museum is looking for:

  1. Artifacts that belonged to the Henderson Chick Hatchery when in operation.
  2. Photographs of, or in, the building or its operations
  3. Stories – Have you or a member of your family – or ancestors – worked at the Henderson Chick Hatchery? Do you remember the visits there or purchasing items from the shop? If so, they would love to hear your stories.

If you have any historical artifacts from the Henderson Chick Hatchery or stories, email . Please put the name of the item or topic of your story in the subject line, and please describe the item and include any photos if you have them.

*Photo courtesy of Kawartha Lakes Public Library.

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