Reimagining of The Glass Menagerie at Globus Theatre

By Lindsay Advocate

Renne J Smith is just one of several talents to lend their skills to Broken Glass.

Globus Theatre presents New Story Production’s Broken Glass, as a live play reading to take place at their recently announced Patio Theatre Festival.

Broken Glass is a re-imagined version of The Glass Menagerie that explores the same themes of mental health and family bonds through the eyes of an aspiring poet who toils in a shoe warehouse to support his mother and sister. Tennessee William’s The Glass Menagerie has had numerous Broadway revivals, film and television adaptations, and was a play that dramatically impacted playwright and actor Armon Ghaeinizadeh (New Story Productions), according to a media release.

“I initially saw The Glass Menagerie when I was nine-years-old at Stratford and loved it but noticed that there were no people of colour in it,” said Ghaeinizadeh.

“Although the themes resonated with me, I didn’t see anyone who looked like me on stage. I thought of how mental health struggles apply differently to different families, so my goal with Broken Glass was to re-imagine the world of the play, but with a mixed-race family.

This re-envisioned production was co-written by Armon Ghaeinizadeh and Justine Christensen (who also directs the show), and stars Natalie Morgan, Tom Lute, and Angel Echavez. Original music by Holly Clausis and elements of dance performed by Renne J Smith are also woven throughout the play.

“We felt that incorporating music within the entire piece alongside dance will personify the struggles and turmoil that the characters live in,” said Ghaeinizadeh. “The playwrights chose to replace the typical ‘fiddle in the wings’ with music that haunts or uplifts the characters during different parts of the play, adding another exciting element to a production that should not be missed

Because of the ongoing provincial restrictions that prevent live theatre from happening indoors, this play reading will be performed outside on the newly established patio at The Lakeview Arts Barn.

Other events and performances

Broken Glass is just one of the many performances offered in the Globus Theatre Patio Theatre Series which kicked off on July 2 with a play reading of Norm Foster’s Here on the Flight Path. Future audiences can enjoy the patio for a night of friendly competition during Globus Theatre’s Trivia Night on July 10th or join in on the laughs provided by some of Canada’s greatest improvisers during the Improv Comedy All Stars on July 18 Starring Connor Thompson, Chris Gibbs, Jennine Profeta and Dave Pearce.

If concerts are more your vibe, Globus Theatre has you covered there too. Enjoy songs from the Great American Songbook sung by Leisa Way and members of the Wayward Wind Band in Happy Days are Here Again from July 15-17.

For parents looking for some new kid friendly entertainment, there’s Globus’s Patio Theatre Series for Kids in the mornings of July 4, 10 and 18.

For more information visit the Globus Theatre website:

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