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Reader not impressed that he can’t bring food to his mother at Ross Memorial Hospital

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During these times of turmoil, most of us are already on edge having little control over the outcome.

More than a week ago, my 76-year-old mother was admitted to the hospital with a broken pelvis. She is now bedridden, lonely and in significant pain.

I must trust the fact that her caregivers are tending to her needs and ensuring her comfort remains paramount but with restrictions on visitors and little communication, I can’t be certain.

In the early going, it had been suggested that comfort foods be delivered to my mother complete with personal letters of encouragement from the outside. I felt that this was the perfect alternative to visitation, since Tim Horton’s has been delivering food and beverages to front-line care providers for weeks.

Much to my shock and surprise, after I recently delivered a care package of food to my mother I received an unpleasant call from a nurse reprimanding me for delivering food. She indicated that outside food is not being accepted now and to recover the food immediately.

I appreciate everything our health care providers are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic but this is not the time to develop double standards on who gets food deliveries and who doesn’t.

In fact, patients in the hospital, including my mother, are equally exposed to risk and far more lonely than the staff that have an opportunity to come and go.

There is little we can do as family members to enhance a lengthy stay in the hospital for our loved ones — and if clothes, toiletries and electronic devices can be delivered, I see no reason why comfort foods can’t be, given the quality of menu options in the hospital.

I thank everyone responsible for providing care to our loved ones but please, think about what patients are going through and what little families can do to provide extended comfort and encouragement.

Thank you for re-considering these rules.

Greg Kerr

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