‘Queen of the Fringe’ Alex Dallas brings critically acclaimed show, Horseface, to Globus Theatre

By Lindsay Advocate

Alex Dallas.

On June 15, Globus Theatre will present Horseface, a powerful and comedic show performed by veteran comedienne Alex Dallas.  Alex is a stalwart of the International Fringe Festival circuit and has earned the name, Queen of the Fringe, having performed in more than 150 Fringe theatre festivals worldwide, starting in Edinburgh in 1982.  Part of the feminist comedy troupe Sensible Footwear she performed in comedy clubs across Canada, the USA and Australia before making a career out of performing her solo shows, Goddess, Nymphomania and Drama Queen across continents. Goddess and Drama Queen have also been aired on CBC Radio and Bravo TV.

Her latest show Horsefaceis a razor-sharp response to the #Metoo movement – a journey in comedy and storytelling of a woman’s innocuous encounter with a manspreader on a train and what ensues. Does she assault him? Is she pushed over the edge? And what does Jane Fonda have to do with it? A comedic and poignant story of a woman’s life, from the 70’s to the present day, and all her #MeToo moments along the way, some hilarious and some less so.

Globus’ Artistic Director Sarah Quick says “I toured the fringe festival circuit with Alex for many years and she was always hugely popular with audiences and a real treat to watch. Alex performed in Globus’ first season twenty years ago and it is a great privilege to welcome her back again to entertain the audience we have today. This is provocative, compelling, entertaining storytelling at its finest.”

Horseface premiered in May 2022 at the Orlando Fringe where it won a Best Show award and then toured across North America to critical acclaim.

On July 15th the show will be followed by a Q & A session led by Globus’ Artistic Director Sarah Quick where audience members will have the opportunity to quiz Dallas about her career, her creation of this very insightful (and inciteful!) show, and the topics discussed within it.

Join us at the Lakeview Arts Barn on June 15 as part of Globus Theatre’s 20th season. You won’t want to miss this one-night show of laughs and provocative storytelling of the highest calibre. Enjoy dinner here beforehand or just come for the show.

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