Protest confirmed for today in front of MPP’s office over Minden ER closure decision

By Kirk Winter

Dave Glover wants to see a big crowd in front of MPP Laurie Scott’s office at 14 Lindsay Street North, Lindsay, on Friday May 12 from 10 am till 1 pm. Glover, one of the key players in the public advocacy group trying to save the Minden emergency room says the group needs more than thumbs up on their Facebook posts.

Glover said they will need people with signs prepared to send a message to their local member that the closing of a well-used and much needed emergency room, used by both citizens of Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton, will not be tolerated.

“We have less than three weeks to fight,” Glover said. “We can make this happen if we fight hard.”

Glover encourages interested individuals to wear yellow and bring signs.

“We will visit Laurie Scott’s office,” Glover said. “She may not be there but we don’t care. We want to walk and talk to as many of her constituents as possible.”

Glover said that opponents of the emergency room closing “need to send Laurie a message.”

Glover is still angry at Scott’s behavior when hundreds of her constituents travelled to Queen’s Park to protest the scheduled closing on May 10.

“Laurie sent us a message yesterday at Queen’s Park,” Glover said. “She didn’t have the decency or respect to even acknowledge the many people from (her riding) who showed up. The NDP introduced us and Laurie lowered her head… shame on you Laurie.”

Glover wants to see Scott lobby the health minister and the HHHS (Haliburton Highlands Health Services) to at least delay the closing of the Minden emergency department that saw 12,000 patients during the last calendar year.

“You (Scott) need to stand up and do the right thing, before it is too late,” Glover said.

To learn more about the closure, go here.


  1. Judy Silverthorn Silverthorn says:

    So true. Laurie at her best I hope people will remember this at the next election Her true colours are showing

  2. ed sandford says:

    at the next election hopefully people will remember Laurie Scotts lack of action and complete disregard for her constituents on this matter. ms Scott has been an MPP for a long time ( clearly too long) and doesnt have the courage to stand up to Doug Ford and demand that the Minden e.r. remain open.
    stay tuned as this is the first of many e.r’s that will be closed unders the current provincial government

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