Protest against Ford on May 1 in Lindsay, across Ontario

By Lindsay Advocate

A Toronto woman and a Hamilton woman concerned about cuts that the PC government is making have managed to spark a multi-city protest – including right here in Kawartha Lakes.

Started by Flo O’Connell, from Toronto, and Dakota Lanktree, from Hamilton, Kawartha Lakes will be joining at least 12 cities across Ontario in a May 1 general strike against Premier Doug Ford’s policies from 10 am to 2 pm in front of MPP Laurie Scott’s office in Lindsay.

People are being asked to bring their own signs about whatever issue is of concern based on all of the recent cuts. There’s a long list of possibilities for protest, including the loss of Ontario’s 50 Million Tree Program, education cuts, including for autism, and public health cuts, among many others.

“This event will tell the Ontario government that we, the people of Ontario, are willing to grind this province to a halt to make these ill-informed cuts stop,” according to the Facebook event.

“Do this with joy, all of our hearts have felt enough distress. Change is needed, and all of the power is in our hands,” says the event notice.

More information can be found on their Facebook page entitled May 1st General Strike Against Ford or @StopDoug.


  1. R Shaw says:

    Like any protest, it will go nowhere. Concerned about education cuts and trees? Take affirmative action. Start a voluntary peer tutor mentoring program or plant some trees. Your protests will go nowhere. Instead, be the best human being possible and make a difference….not try to pretend to be one. And by the way, Thank the Liberal government for Ontario having the highest non federal debt in the world….yes you heard me correctly. Have fun painting your signs. What a world….

  2. William says:

    Who has time to protest during the middle of the workday?

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