Preventing crime, protecting people

By Lindsay Advocate

Property crimes that occur at a person’s home are typically easily preventable, but unfortunately affect too many people in Ontario.  There are many simple steps that you can take to protect your property and ensure you are not victimized:

  • Lock the doors to your vehicle and keep valuable items such as money, wallets, or electronics out of sight.
  • Increase the visibility around your home by adding extra lighting or trimming overgrown trees and hedges.
  • Avoid “vacation countdown” posts on social media that advertise you will be away.
  • Get to know your neighbours and ensure you watch over each other’s properties.
  • Avoid having parcels delivered to your home and left on a porch or veranda during the day, (use tracking options, arrange for delivery to your workplace or arrange for another person to be home to receive the package).
  • If you see something suspicious in your neighbourhood, call the police immediately!

Crime prevention involves all of us working together to make our homes and neighbourhoods safe.

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