Premier on hand as FLATO makes $1.2 million donation to Fleming College

Largest single donation in history of the college

By Roderick Benns

A ribbon cutting for the funding announcement. Photo: Roderick Benns.

FLATO Development Inc., has pledged a donation of $1.2 million to Fleming College — the largest, single gift in Fleming College’s history. All the money is earmarked for Lindsay’s Frost Campus.

“At FLATO we believe in supporting the communities where we build. Education is a very important part of the community and we’re excited to support Fleming College and help provide students with the resources they need to succeed,” said Shakir Rehmatullah, president of FLATO Developments Inc.

Premier Doug Ford speaks about FLATO’s funding for Fleming College.

Premier Doug Ford was on hand for the announcement, as was local MPP Laurie Scott, several councillors, and many Fleming College representatives.

Ford expressed thanks for the gift to the college, noting that “we’re in desperate need” of people who work in the trades, an area of study where the campus excels. Such programs include drilling and blasting and heavy equipment, among many others.

The premier also praised Rehmatullah for always investing wherever he builds, rather than just building homes and leaving. FLATO often invests in healthcare, education and the arts.

“Making a donation here means you change people’s lives,” said Ford.

Of the money, $720,000 will be put toward Fleming’s FLATO Capital Innovation Fund and $480,000 will be used to create the FLATO Student Scholars Program. The scholarship funding will assist 400 incoming students over 10 years.

Referencing Rehmatullah, Ford said we “need more people like you,” thanking him for his philanthropy.

“Keep building and keep giving back to communities.”

Mayor Andy Letham said, “anytime we’re investing in education, we all win. Fleming College has been a great part of our community.”

“If there’s anything else we can for the community, we will do it,” said the FLATO CEO. “This is community building. We’re here to stay in the Lindsay area and Kawartha Lakes.”

In acknowledgement of the gift, the main foyer at Frost Campus will be known as The Shakir Rehmatullah Atrium.


  1. Dick Kearns says:

    Flato has contributed millions of dollars in Lindsay before getting a shovel in the ground or getting approvals for all their development plans. This, I am afraid, makes me extremely skeptical that they are buying favours for decisions on development plans that the city would normally not approve or get approval prior to other developers. BEWARE OF WOLVES IN SHEEP CLOTHING, if it sounds to good to be true it probably is not.

  2. Judy Kennedy says:

    It’s a sad day when a local world renowned environmental educational institution feels they have to prostitute themselves for money from a big money corporation, bound on destroying farm land, environmentally sensitive alvar and habitat to protected wildlife. Flato insists that they are building communities, but their proposed Cameron development, with it’s estate properties, spa amenities, “cozy cottages” and elite golf course is all wrong for this location. There will be no benefit to our Cameron and Long Beach communities from this project, or CKL as a whole, but you can bet that with our Mayor, our local MP,s and Doug Ford there to celebrate the financial “glad handing” , the project is already a done deal.

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