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KLPS Chief Mark Mitchell. Photo: Erin Burrell.

Police Chief Mark Mitchell reminds people of obligations under stay-at-home order

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KLPS Chief Mark Mitchell. Photo: Erin Burrell.

Kawartha Lakes Police Chief Mark Mitchell is asking that people comply with the Province’s stay-at-home order as much as possible due to the ongoing pandemic — but police will not randomly ask people for personal details.

KLPS will be approaching calls for service on a case-by-case basis, according to a media release.

“We will be responding with a balanced approach using education and enforcement when necessary keeping overall public safety in mind. We will not be randomly stopping individual on the street asking for personal details. If, however, an officer is going to issue a ticket, an individual must identify themselves either verbally or with documentation.”

The police recognize that the regulations and guidelines are complex and can be confusing. “As people continue to go about their lives, they are asked to do so in a responsible manner that complies with provincial guidelines.”

Under the order, residents are required to stay at their homes and properties as much as possible. However, here are the exemptions for leaving home under the government’s order:

  • Work, school and childcare
  • Obtaining goods and service
  • Assisting others
  • Multiple residences and moving
  • Travel
  • Gatherings
  • Animals

“We ask that you take time to review the regulations made under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act for full details regarding the listed exemptions.


The order also said people are allowed to travel, if doing so for an exempt purpose, to another home if the person is going to be at the residence for less than 24 hours or is going to live at the home for at least two weeks. If a person is caring for parents, guardians or if they are acting as a caregiver, people are allowed to travel to perform those purposes.

For those who are moving or are making arrangements to buy or sell a property, to begin or end a lease, they will also be allowed to travel under the order.

The government has said that the order does not apply to homeless people.

Police say they will continue to respond to each and every concern residents may have. If you want to report an incident or have concerns contact the KLPS at 705.324.5252.

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  1. Pearson Airport open? Yep. LCBO open? Yep. Timmys open? Yep. Walmart and Costco and all grocery stores open? Yep. Dollarama open ? Yep. All the hype over this ‘lockdown’ is nothing more than political bullcrap.

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