Podcast teaser: Adapting to adjusting in 2020

By Denis Grignon

Student minister Kevin Fitzpatrick.

We adjust. We adapt. We learn.

Granted, some of us have achieved this more than others in 2020. And some have had to do more of it than others – often not for themselves, but for those they serve.

By his own admission, Kevin Fitzpatrick is no video producer.

Or, rather, he wasn’t until recently, at least. But the student minister who serves both Janetville and Mount Horeb United Churches rose to the challenge when he realized a nicely-produced, pre-recorded video church service would be the best – and safest – way to reach his congregations this Christmas.

“I’m still learning,” Fitzpatrick tells me in the most of The Advocate Podcast: Stories from Kawartha Lakes. “It’s not something I was taught in seminary.”

He jokes about everything from lighting to camera angles and lighting. “But (the past year) has propelled us to learn a lot of new things and see church in a lot of new ways.”

Fitzpatrick was able to benefit from the guidance of a nearby experienced amateur videographer: his 19-year-old son.

The Kawartha Lakes Food Source’s Community Food Market normally sees clients personally shop for their own food items from the facility’s shelves, using allotted market dollars.

But here, too, 2020 has forced the suspension of that practise. It’s meant Amelia Boyd, the LCFM’s coordinator, had to, like Fitzpatrick, adapt – while ensuring the unique centre’s clients still have a dignified means to access its services. It’s meant, as one example, a lot more time of the phone taking orders.

“It’s hard to meet everyone’s requests,” she says in  . “But we do our best…and the clients are incredible.”

When the Lindsay-based band, Looking for Heather, wanted to produce a video of Barricade – a song from its 2019 album Youth – self isolation didn’t deter members Jeff Gutteridge and Jay Bowes.

They recorded their parts individually in separate locales and asked guest singer Cassie Noble of Cameron to do the same.

The result is a slickly assembled production that, really, is eerily apt in 2020. My conversation with Gutteridge and his band’s music – including Barricade – proved to  a nice way to wrap up the second in a year that was very much about how so many learned to adjust and adapt. And rise to overcome some monumental challenges.

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