Pinnguaq’s new resources can help with online learning

By Roderick Benns

The Pinnguaq Association has been working to adapt their Makerspace courses and educational resources to an improved online platform.

Recently, the organization has been developing a new online, at-home curriculum to assist educators and parents with learners of all ages.

With over 100 modules readily available online for free, Pinnguaq continues to produce between 5 – 8 new modules weekly on topics covering a wide range of activities centred on S.T.E.A.M. learning for all skill levels.

“The two ways we normally reach people with our lessons are through our Makerspaces and by travelling to remote communities to deliver S.T.E.A.M education workshops” explains Executive Director, Ryan Oliver,  “With both of those options unavailable right now, I’m proud of our team for coming together and adapting our delivery model so quickly to the new reality.”

This new online curriculum is home to a variety of fun new activities including self-directed lessons, video tutorials, hands-on activities, daily challenges, and weekly live sessions hosted by Pinnguaq’s Lindsay Makerspace team. Pinnguaq is also offering their services to help host a live classroom session. Easily connected with Google Classrooms, interested educators and parents can have one of Pinnguaq’s trained staff run these lessons online for students and kids at home.

Examples this week include ‘offline’ activities like  “Coding through Hopscotch,” Stick Puzzles and a Lego challenge. Learners can also take a crack at online activities teaching game design and coding through engines like “Scratch” and “TWINE.”

“You do not need to be tech savvy to use this curriculum,” Oliver explains, “online or offline, it’s designed for different grade levels, learning styles and technical backgrounds.”

Pinnguaq utilizes many open-source software and programs throughout their curriculum to ensure it is easily accessible to everyone; and with the content organized by topic, grade level and curriculum competencies, it’s an easy resource for anyone to navigate through.

Pinnguaq will continue to create content catered to our community’s needs to help educators and families through these difficult times going into the summer months.

You can check out the online content weekly at

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