Permanent building will house Optimist Club’s soccer program

By Lindsay Advocate

When the dozers and diggers rolled onto Wilson Fields last week, it marked the start of a project that even the most optimistic Optimist club members wondered would ever come to fruition.

“We’ve been working on this since the completion of Wilson Fields more than 20 years ago,” says long time Optimist, John Green about the permanent building that will serve as equipment storage for the club’s popular youth soccer program, as well as the base for a field irrigation system, which will be operated by Lindsay’s Inferno soccer club.

“More than a few hurdles, a lot of planning and, yes, a few compromises. But all the parties involved finally got it done. Or, rather, we’re getting it done!”

The Optimist club project, in a unique partnership with the City of Kawartha Lakes, is expected to cost about $160, 000 when completed in July. The cost is being shared between the service club, the City and The Wilson Estate.

The Optimist club’s contribution also includes its members donning work boots and assuming the bulk of its construction – a feat made possible because the project manager is professional contractor, and Optimist member, Pat Murphy.

“For sure I’m enjoying working with this crew,” says Murphy. “I’ve known them for years and worked with them on countless Optimist events and fundraisers. So, this is more like a bunch of friends getting together for a barn-raising. But instead of a barn, it’s a state-of-the art storage facility!”

That claim isn’t off the mark. Murphy points out the unique water containment system the building will have. While The City is running water lines to the building, it won’t be the only source for irrigating the fields. Run off from eaves troughs will funnel into an underground storage tank. That also allows for a drinking fountain and refill station.

“Obviously, we’re excited about the environmental pluses to this,” says Green. “But we’re equally excited to know kids and their parents will be able to fill up their re-usable water bottles – for free!”

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