Parks Canada says Bobcaygeon swing bridge won’t be ready until spring

By Lindsay Advocate

Parks Canada regrets to inform the public that the re-opening of Bobcaygeon Swing Bridge to vehicle traffic is delayed until spring 2022. The enhanced pedestrian access over the upper lock gates and its access paths will continue to remain open.

Earlier this fall, in order to assist with resolving concerns regarding the mechanical components, a new consultant was brought onto the project to review and finalize the design, and re-fabrication of required components for the bridge.

At that point it was believed that a December 2021 bridge re-opening timeframe was still achievable. However, upon review by the new consultant, Parks Canada was recently advised by the contractor that they will be unable to meet this timeframe and that the re-opening of the bridge needed to be pushed to spring 2022 due to issues mainly associated with the mechanical component re-fabrication.

Parks Canada is working closely with the Contractor to bring the project to its completion. Further updates will be provided as new information becomes available.

The Bobcaygeon Swing Bridge project is part of the Government of Canada’s Federal Infrastructure Investment program. Parks Canada is leading this important infrastructure work to ensure safe, high-quality experiences for visitors by improving heritage, visitor, waterway, and highway assets located within national historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas, including along the Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site.

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