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Kawartha Lakes’ only news magazine podcast reaches milestone episode

So many come. So many go.

Disappearing into an internet ether of cat videos, how-to YouTube tutorials and incendiary, meandering blogs.

But with its 12th episode, which dropped August 1, The Advocate Podcast: Stories from Kawartha Lakes is becoming an established and “must-listen” for local residents.

Since it launched in early February the news magazine program set out to become a polished, professionally-produced and journalistically-sound show.

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Olé! Canada’s first-ever bullfight 60 years ago was in Lindsay

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Olé! Canada’s first-ever bullfight 60 years ago was in Lindsay

A boisterous crowd gathers in the Plaza del Toro in a charming small town, awaiting in rapt anticipation the entrance of the magnificent bull Ferdinand and wonders what might become of Matador Jorge Louis Bernal. Who will win — man or beast?  Will the bull be vanquished? Will the matador survive? A year of planning this ‘ballet in three acts’ by organizers in the small town has come down to these tense few minutes. Our scene is not set in some small Mexican pueblo. This bullring is constructed out of plywood and the setting is old Lindsay fairgrounds where almost 5,000 people have gathered to see Canada’s first bullfight. The year is 1958.

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Free lunches for kids for nine weeks as summer pilot begins

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Queen Victoria Public School is one of four locations where families can access a free, nutritious lunch for their kids two days a week. Photo: Erin Smith.

It was a great start to the Summer Outreach Lunch Program yesterday, although even higher numbers are expected once the word gets out about available free lunches for kids.

Nearly 20 elementary age school kids showed up at one of the four locations involved in the pilot. Free lunches are served between 11:30 am – 1:00 pm at St. Mary Catholic Elementary School, Queen Victoria School, Housing Help (Lindsay and Glenelg streets), and Kawartha Lakes Food Source on Wednesdays and Fridays during the summer break.

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Fenelon Falls High, CMHA partner in mental health pilot

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We all have mental health. Regardless of our age, life experience or background, it’s something we all live with. Our mental health is like a spectrum, a continuum that can move fluidly between being mentally well, or potentially mentally ill. There are a variety of factors that dictate how we move on that continuum— things such as genetics, our life experiences and even our lifestyles (sleep, diet, exercise etc.). We know that the earlier we can work to build skills and resiliency, the much greater rates of mental wellness we can experience. This begs the question, what is being done in our community to support youth mental health?

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Kawartha Lakes makes splash in craft beer scene

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Kawartha Lakes makes splash in craft beer scene
Scott Nichol, Agatha and Vinh Mac, and Jennifer Boksman with Aaron Young. Beer tourism is about to get serious in Kawartha Lakes.

For a craft beer enthusiast within the Toronto area, names like Steam Whistle, Mill Street, and Black Oak resonate. They – like several others – are all breweries recognized for their great tours in the GTA.

But given their geographic location, none of them can hold a candle to the natural charm and get-away feel of Kawartha Lakes – and at least one craft beer entrepreneur here thinks that’s going to help make this area make a splash in the craft brewery scene.

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See the local TransCanada Trail with fresh eyes this Canada Day

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See the local TransCanada Trail with fresh eyes this Canada Day
The first of three free photography workshops for seniors sponsored by the Kawartha TransCanada Trail Association. Photo: Ruth Tait.

The TransCanada Trail (now officially the ‘Great Trail’) stretches some 24,000 km, winding through all 13 provinces and territories and stitching our country together, ocean to ocean to ocean. But sometimes it pays to think small; within any few metres of our own Kawartha section you’ll find photo opportunities. You just have to slow down and look with fresh eyes. That was the lesson of the first of three free photography workshops for seniors sponsored by the Kawartha TransCanada Trail Association.

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Great to be home in Kawartha Lakes

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Great to be home
Sunset on Sturgeon Lake. (Photo by Alexis Benns.)

In the late 1970s or early 80s, you may have spotted a young boy with red hair and freckles fishing or catching crayfish near Lock 33 in Lindsay. That’s certainly a Norman Rockwell image of my childhood, I have to admit. (And my friend Mike Perry has called Lindsay “the Norman Rockwell town of the North.”)

There was road hockey in the winter near Queen Victoria Public School, summer walks by the river in Rivera Park, and the hourly chimes of St. Andrew’s Church from that 85-foot bell tower — sometimes reminding me that I needed to get home for dinner.

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Summer Reading Club launch swamped by kids and parents

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Summer Reading Club launch swamped by kids and parents
More than 300 people crammed into Lindsay Library to see Simon Ward kick off the TD Summer Reading Club. Photo by Lyndsay Bowen.

Now there’s a headline to gladden the heart of any librarian. It’s accurate, too. On Saturday morning over 300 — precisely 140 of them kids — crammed into the Lindsay library branch’s children’s area for the official launch of the TD Summer Reading Club.

The draw? Lindsay native Simon Ward, lead singer of the Juno award winning Strumbellas, was on hand to perform a rousing set of kids’ songs and officially present a collection of over 700 Lego minifigures (plus Lego Ferris wheel, castle, and sundry vehicles) that he has graciously donated to the library.

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PSWs love what they do and show leadership by serving

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PSWs love what they do and show leadership by serving

Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and caregivers are an intricate part of health care for any age, and indeed are overworked and underpaid for the responsibility we hold.

But the decision to serve others should not be taken lightly; it’s a commitment, not only to those you serve, but to those you serve with. If we are to assist 13 seniors out of bed each morning and our fellow PSW calls out sick, then our workload can quickly nearly double, affecting patient care in some settings.

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New Kawartha Lakes Library specialist for outreach and community engagement

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Lyndsay Bowen: New Kawartha Lakes library specialist for outreach and community engagement
Lyndsay Bowen, Library Specialist, Outreach & Community Engagement.

Let’s imagine the ideal candidate for the newly-created position of ‘Library Specialist, Outreach & Community Engagement’ for the Kawartha Lakes Library system.

There are library branches in 14 communities distributed around the City’s 3,059 sq. km — so lots of communities to reach out to, engage and create programs for, and each community is unique. Our ideal candidate should know the Kawartha Lakes and understand the diverse needs of its communities.

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Who knows best? The case for basic income

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Stories from real people confirm they know how best to spend their money, says columnist.

Fresh from the North American Basic Income Guarantee (NABIG) conference held in Hamilton at the end of May, I have been thinking about the stories I heard from people who benefited from a basic income.

What jumped out was how the money made a difference, and the stories confirmed for me that people know what is best for themselves and their families.

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