Overnight parking restrictions in effect for City streets

By Lindsay Advocate

The City has a regulatory parking by-law 2012-173 which prohibits motorists from parking on City streets overnight between 11 pm – 6 am from Nov. 1 to Apr. 30 annually. The by-law is in place because overnight parking on City streets can restrict how well the City’s Public Works division can quickly and efficiently clear our roads during the winter season.

Overnight parking is also prohibited in the downtown core areas. Please note that the hours are restricted from 2-6 am in the following locations:

  • Lindsay – on Kent Street West from Lindsay Street to Victoria Avenue
  • Bobcaygeon – on Bolton Street from King Street to Canal Street
  • Fenelon Falls – on Colborne Street from Water Street to Bond Street, May Street from Water Street to Francis Street and on Francis Street West from Colborne Street to May Street
  • Omemee – on King Street from Queen Street to Sturgeon Road

“We need to ensure that residents and visitors are adhering to the overnight parking by-law for everyone’s benefit and safety.” said Mayor Andy Letham. “The by-law assists our staff in making sure the roads are cleared for our residents and emergency vehicles.”

“We want to make sure the public is aware that it is a violation of the by-law to park on City streets overnight,” said Aaron Sloan, manager of Municipal Law Enforcement. “We will be actively monitoring and enforcing the by-law to make sure it is being followed and those who continue to park on the street overnight will be ticketed.”

If a vehicle is left parked on a city street or in a municipal parking lot where not permitted, it may be ticketed, towed and impounded in accordance with the by-law. The parking by-law is enforced by the City’s Municipal Law Enforcement Officers and Officers of the Kawartha Lakes Police Service.

More information about parking restrictions is available on the City’s website.


  1. LIZ says:

    If I leave my car on the street of my residence for over 12hrs in a sub division will I be ticketed or towed?

  2. G says:

    You will if complaints are made.

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