Basic Income PLUS

A better way. A better Canada.

Basic Income Plus is a movement to improve the lives of all Canadians – especially ordinary working class and middle-class Canadians who are just trying to get ahead.

It started in Lindsay, Ontario, and was initiated by The Lindsay Advocate after discussions with York University graduate students in health policy and equity. Both the Advocate and the students were discussing how we could effect greater change in social policy.

The Advocate is a social purpose independent media outlet that prides itself on building community and working for a better Canada.

This non-partisan movement is based on 5 key policies we want to see adopted for the good of all Canadians.

  1. Basic income. It’s time for a social policy that stops people from falling through the cracks and instead gives them a springboard into new job opportunities.
  2. Affordable housing. We need relief from skyrocketing home prices and legislation to ensure policies (like basic income) do not unintentionally result in unscrupulous landlords charging higher rents.
  3. Universal pharmacare. All Canadians should have access to a common list of drugs that is truly universal and free from co-pays.
  4. Green economy. It’s time to invest heavily to create meaningful, well-paying jobs that serve a social purpose and address our climate crisis.
  5. More public enterprises. This means encouraging all levels of government to consider owning and running, on the people’s behalf, key enterprises. This might mean a pharmaceutical lab or a green energy company. We must limit corporate ownership in important sectors like these and others.

The Advocate will help organize this push locally, provincially, and nationally as we demand action on these five issues.