Olympia Restaurant – A culinary delight in Kawartha Lakes

By Rebekah McCracken and Roderick Benns

The Angus New York striploin, the second entrée we sampled, was a testament to Olympia's dedication to quality.

Nestled in the heart of Lindsay, the Olympia restaurant stands tall for its history, architecture, and its enduring charm as one of the most consistently great restaurants in the region.

Try for a window seat, as we did, or in the heart of summer take advantage of the best patio in town. For a beverage, choose something from the Olympia’s well-appointed wine list or perhaps one of their classic or new cocktails.

An exquisite Aperol orange spritzer is one of two new cocktail offerings. The refreshing blend of flavours sets the perfect tone. Even better, though, was the new lavender lemonade. This captivating creation, featuring indigo blue gin, lavender simple syrup, lemonade, and a sprig of rosemary plucked from the Olympia’s own stock, was a fragrant symphony.

Cheese lovers will want to try the Saganaki from the appetizer menu, pan-fried kefalotiri cheese accompanied by grilled pita and a generous squeeze of fresh lemon. The cheese’s golden crust gave way to a warm centre that harmonized beautifully with the tangy lemon and smoky notes from the grill.

Calamari fritti is another great choice from the appetizer portion of the menu. Hand breaded, it was lightly fried to perfection and served with a side of fresh lemon and a dollop of tzatziki. It’s easy to overcook calamari, leaving it too chewy, but the Olympia consistently gets it right.

Moving on to the entrées, we couldn’t help but admire the presentation of the Balsamic chicken and feta when our attentive server, Dani, brought it. The grilled chicken breast, nestled on a bed of flavourful rice, was adorned with succulent tomatoes, crumbled feta, and plump kalamata olives. A drizzle of balsamic reduction added a touch of sweetness to this savoury masterpiece.

The Angus New York striploin, the second entrée we sampled, was a testament to Olympia’s dedication to quality. Not everyone realizes this Greek restaurant has one of the best steaks in town. The eight-ounce hand-cut steak was charbroiled to perfection, boasted a mouthwatering aroma. The special steak spice blend infused the meat with a tantalizing blend of flavours.

For dessert, we shared the raspberry Greek yogurt cake and the cookies and cream cake, part of the restaurant’s revolving array of delicious desserts. The raspberry Greek yogurt cake was a delicate balance of tartness and sweetness, with a velvety texture and fruity notes to linger on the taste buds. The cookies and cream cake, on the other hand, was a chocolate lover’s dream come true. Each layer was decadent and satisfying.

The Olympia’s impeccable service, inviting ambiance, and consistently wonderful food always makes for an incredible evening.

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  1. Bradley Sales says:


  2. John Gribben says:

    Any idea where this wonderful place is located? Kawartha Lakes is a big area.

  3. Richard Wood says:

    The Olympia is located on the north side of Kent Street in downtown Lindsay.
    It’s been our favourite for over 2 decades!

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