Old Mill could be restaurant, art gallery, says reader

By Lindsay Advocate

Lindsay's Old Mill.

I just read with great interest the article in the June Advocate entitled ”The Art in Community” by Nancy Payne and would like to make a suggestion regarding the furthering of the arts in our community. I have long advocated utilizing the Old Mill in Lindsay as something beyond a couple of stone walls that are historical but nevertheless an eyesore. 

My “vision” is to see it amalgamated into a three-storey structure, keeping the history alive, but turning it into something that could serve the community. I would like to see a restaurant on the lower level with a landscaped patio overlooking the river, the second level turned into a display area for the Lindsay Art Gallery, and the third level a working studio for artists. 

The restaurant would attract boaters to tie up, stop and enjoy local cuisine, enjoy a visit to the art gallery and all it has to offer, and then see artists at work and hopefully be able to purchase their creations. As it is now there is little to encourage boaters to actually stop on their way through the town. As an added bonus there is ample parking available to the south of the building itself. Perhaps the building could be marketed towards bus tours as well. “Come to the Academy Theatre for an evening performance, but come early so you can enjoy a meal at the Old Mill Restaurant, a visit to the Art Gallery and perhaps do a little shopping as well.” Maybe I’m wrong but it sounds like a winning formula for tourism.

–Mary Anne Richardson, Lindsay


  1. C. Wilson says:

    I totally disagree on building any structure here. It would destroy the ambience of the park, which is one of the few places within walking distance for me to visit. Please don’t think of destroying one of the few open green places in the area where I can visit a bit of nature and keep to myself. FWIW I’m a senior and don’t have too many choices left open to me.

  2. Gunter Herkner says:

    I absolutely agree with Mary Anne Richardson, the way the structure looks at present is an eyesore, it solves no purpose at all. It is just there for what ? Some parts inside and around it are littered with garbage. I think, a serious consideration could be a nicely designed building which draws tourism to Lindsay. The surrounding area appears favorable with the theatre, docking facility and adjacent park. You see the whole area surrounding this site has previously and nicely been planned by the City already. So, what’s the hold up ?

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