November is resuscitation month

By Lindsay Advocate

Why does the City now have two deputy paramedic chiefs? City explains

November is resuscitation month. Kawartha Lakes Paramedics Service encourages the public to learn CPR and how to use an Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

“Knowing these skills can save a life, even when you least expect it,” said Keith Kirkpatrick, paramedics chief. “The availability and prompt use of an AED has been shown to save a person’s life from sudden cardiac arrest.”

Register today for a Standard First Aid training course on Nov. 17 and 18 at the Lindsay Recreation Complex. This life saving course will cover all aspects of first aid, CPR and emergency first aid. For more information, contact Heidi Fisher, aquatics coordinator at 705-324-9112 extension 1558 or email .

The most effective time to do CPR and defibrillate a person successfully is within the first 10 minutes. Brain death will occur within four to six minutes after cardiac arrest if CPR and resuscitation interventions do not occur.

“For a small rural municipality, we have made excellent strides in out of hospital cardiac arrest survivability,” continued Keith. “The citizen element of early access (911) and early CPR and the use of an AED cannot be overlooked or forgotten as the most important part of managing sudden cardiac arrest.”

At the 10th Annual Paramedics In The Park this past spring, Mayor Andy Letham, CAO Ron Taylor and Dr. Moran, one of the City’s base hospital physicians, recognized and honoured local community members for their help and participation in saving a life by the use of CPR and an AED. Hear from these community members by watching our Saving Lives Together – Paramedics In The Park video.

For more information about CPR, how to use an AED and available education programs, visit the Cardiac Arrest and Public Education section on the City’s website.

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