New sign bylaw approved with improved wording  

By Kirk Winter

Councillor Ron Ashmore. Photo: Sienna Frost.

Kawartha Lakes council gave final approval to a new election sign bylaw that will regulate the size, placement, quality and retrieval of election signs for municipal, provincial and federal elections beginning immediately.

One very important wording change was made in the bylaw at the suggestion of Ward 6 councillor Ron Ashmore.

In the draft document, the term “Elect-Again” was to be an option for candidates’ signs if the individual had been elected to the same office in the past, but is not currently holding that office making him/her the incumbent. The candidate would also be allowed to use the term Elect-Again if the majority of the former geographic area of the office they previously held is contained within the current geographic area of the office they are currently a candidate for.

“There will be so much confusion,” Ashmore suggested. “My ward contains parts of the old ward 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16. Who is going to determine whether a former councillor from any of those previous wards can use the term Elect-Again?”

“For the betterment of everyone involved in the election process, including the voters, this term needs to be removed,” Ashmore suggested.

Councillor Pat Dunn supported Ashmore’s reasoning suggesting “I kind of think he may be right.”

Mayor Andy Letham agreed that the potential for confusion was there and suggested the removal of the term.

The city clerk who wrote the initial bylaw was fully supportive of the removal of Elect-Again and council passed Ashmore’s resolution unanimously.

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