New real estate team headed by Janet Di Bello

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By Lindsay Advocate

Janet Di Bello, left, welcomes two other agents to her team, including Alexis Trunks, right. Photo: Sienna Frost.

Janet Di Bello burst onto the local real estate scene just two years ago.

After a whirlwind couple of years, she is now ready for the next step in her evolution – growing her team to help her grow her brand even further.

Di Bellow now welcomes two other agents, Alexis Trunks (and a second agent that could not be named at the Advocate’s press time.)

Along with her bookkeeper, Di Bello’s team now consists of four people who are ready to bring “unmatched marketing” at work for clients.

“We’re modern, we’re edgy,” says Di Bello, as to what sets her team apart.

“For every single listing we create a story about the house. We create videos. It will be all over the internet. Our marketing reaches more people to tell those individual stories.”

Di Bellow says they also pride themselves on being “very local.”

She says her three pillars are being community oriented, creating tailored experiences, and being results driven.

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  1. Joan Abernethy says:

    Congratulations, Janet. Your videos are great and I am sure your marketing techniques and team will light up the internet!! Best wishes for a bright future!!

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