New online course helps businesses build a brand

By Lindsay Advocate

Seventy-five per cent of businesses fail, says local author and business consultant Dennis Geelen. Rather than being a brand that customers resonate with and a company that people are passionate to work for, at best many businesses just blend in. Customers and employees are then indifferent, he says in a media release.

In his Amazon #1 best selling book, The Zero In Formula, Geelen outlines a formula to help leaders think about their business differently, and set their company up for long-term success.

“The Zero In Formula is a must-read for entrepreneurs who want to create an innovative business that customers love,” says Carlos Oliveira, cofounder and CEO of adaptiveX.

To help leaders dive deeper into the concepts outlined in the book, the online course will take the tools and strategies to the next level.

“In The Zero In Formula online course, you learn how to annihilate indifference by building a brand customers crave and a company people are passionate to work for,” says Geelen.

With over 50 videos, including inside conversations with eight global experts, and more than 20 take away exercises, businesses will aim to learn what it means to be customer centric, with strategies and tools to apply to their own businesses.

The course is a step-by-step way to build a successful foundation, says the media release, and businesses can learn from stories and examples of other businesses and their successes and failures.

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