New hospital CT scanner now operational

RMH conducts about 12,000 exams annually using a CT scanner.

By Lindsay Advocate

Dr. Jamie McNabb beside the new CT scanner at RMH.

Community members in Kawartha Lakes and the surrounding area are poised to benefit from a brand new CT scanner that is now operational at Ross Memorial Hospital.

The community’s new CT scanner was delivered on June 7. Following installation and commissioning, staff were trained on the new technology.

The new scanner provides increasingly accurate images and data to help our physicians provide a confident diagnosis – and they do it with a lower dose of radiation, which is safer for patients, according to a media release. Ross Memorial Hospital conducts roughly 12,000 exams annually using a CT scanner.

“Ross Memorial Hospital is the proud home of many skilled physicians and staff – but even the most skilled healthcare practitioners need access to the best equipment, says Kelly Isfan, president and CEO of RMH. “This new CT Scanner for our community provides just that – the best tool available for exceptional diagnostic imaging capabilities. Our staff and physicians will use it every single day to meet the needs of our community by diagnosing disease and injury, as well as guiding surgeries and cancer treatments.”

Some examples of when a CT scan can be used to provide an effective diagnosis or treatment include;

    •  patients who have been in a car accident and may have internal injuries
    •  patients who may have suffered a stroke
    • patients suffering chest pain or pain in their extremities that may be caused by blood clots
    • cancer patients who need regular CT imaging to see if their treatment is effective or if their cancer is spreading.

The cost of the new CT scanner is not covered by government funding. This essential acquisition would not be possible without the community’s support through donations to the RMH Foundation. The RMH Foundation is encouraging donations to fund the new scanner through the Partners in Precision Care appeal. 

“Medical imaging is one of the pillars of modern day medicine, says Dr. Mario Voros, chief of radiology at RMH. “And in turn, our CT Scanner is the cornerstone of the medical imaging deparment. Imaging with CT scans is so precise, so accurate, and so reliable. This is now the standard of care, everywhere.” 

Erin Coons, CEO of RMH Foundation, says high priority acquisitions such as this “are made possible when people work together.”

“We’re so grateful for the support we’ve received from individuals, businesses and organizations. Donors are ensuring our community has the best CT imaging close to home. That’s exceptional support for exceptional care.”

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