New AI system will help doctors better capture patient experience

By Lindsay Advocate

A new program will allow doctors and other clinicians in Kawartha Lakes to use artificial intelligence (AI) to more easily and accurately record their interactions with patients.

Called Goji Voice, clinicians can more easily capture the entire conversation with patients rather than taking notes or communicating through a computer screen, which can negatively affect the patient-clinician interaction, according to a media release shared by the City of Kawartha Lakes Family Heath Team.

Goji Voice then converts the recorded conversation into text and makes it available to the clinician, who can quickly review the notes, highlight key points and add new information.

Once the clinical notes have been captured in the system, Goji Voice allows clinicians to save them directly into their medical systems through a simple integration offered by Gojitech. It also captures clinical insights, reminders and actions such as follow-ups, tests, orders and more. This way, the clinician no longer needs to manually track notes or actions.

Gojitech and the family health team are excited about its use at several clinical locations in the area. It will be used in a trial here for six months with a social worker, a registered dietician, and possibly other clinicians yet to be announced.

“We hope that innovative solutions like Gojitech’s will contribute to overcoming clinician burnout due to digitization, improve the quality of time spent on clinical care, enhance the accuracy and breadth of data for analytics that lead to better planning and decision making, and ultimately, provide better and more efficient access to patient care,” says Aasif Khakoo, executive director of the health team.

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