Neil Osborne and A Family Curse

By Lindsay Advocate

A Family Curse is truly a family band; the inspired collaboration between father and daughter Neil Osborne and singer/songwriter Kandle. Neil is the lead singer of the Tsawwassen BC band 54-40, who has a remarkable catalogue of hit songs, including Baby Ran, I Go Blind, Ocean Pearl, and the award-winning Since When.

Kandle Osborne has followed in her father’s footsteps, carving out her own unique musical career, according to a media release from Grove Theatre. These two incredibly talented musicians have collaborated together for years and have now officially formed their own band: a modern day psychedelic blues rock duo, performing as “Niz” and “Baby Kiz.”

Neil Osborne and A Family Curse is our first headliner event of the season,” states The Grove Theatre artistic director, Sean Cox.

“Neil is currently on a 54-40 40th anniversary tour so we are incredibly fortunate to have him carve out time to perform here.” Set One will be the family band with music that Kandle describes as “Diving into a fantasy world of Americana and fuzz-driven blues rock, this father daughter duo take you on a journey from robbing banks to getting stranded in the desert and catching fire!”

Set Two will be an intimate acoustic session of 54-40 favourites. “Niz” and “Baby Kiz” will be joined by family member Jeff Marshall (bass) and long time collaborator and very distant cousin Danny Michel (drums).

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