Municipal candidates begin to speak out on broken basic income promise

By Joli Scheidler-Benns

Just two days ago over the long weekend the Lindsay Advocate invited municipal candidates to share their opinion about the pilot’s cancellation. The Advocate also invited them to the basic income rally being held Aug. 7 at 12:30 pm in Victoria Park.

Pat Warren, candidate for Ward 6, says she may be unable to make the rally on Tuesday but says it was “unfortunate that the pilot project was cancelled.”

“Programs such as basic income have shown in other locales to lower administrative costs to run social services which in turn saved tax dollars,” Warren writes.

“These basic income programs also showed improved economic development dollars for local businesses while giving a hand up to people with challenges. I am always looking for ways to get the best value for each tax dollar spent. Nobody wants to pay more taxes,” Warren concludes.

Duncan Gallacher, candidate for Ward 5, says he will be at the rally. On Twitter Gallacher wrote:

“This is shameful. Basic income projects have consistently shown success where they have been implemented to help people in tough situations and reducing overall costs on other services.”

So far, Heather Stauble, candidate for Ward 8, says that she “will be there” and will forward comments before Tuesday.

John Hagarty, the former police chief and also a candidate for Ward 5, wrote to let us know that he will be out of town. Hagarty has long been a strong voice and advocate for the basic income pilot in previous comments to the Lindsay Advocate.

Although municipal candidates may not be directly responsible for provincial policies, their opinion on social policy direction is important.

As the direct and local representatives of the wards they serve that makes their representation closest to the citizens they represent. Here is the full list of candidates running.

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  1. John Ireland says:

    This is unacceptable that we treat the most needy with a cancellation to their support system they are our brothers and sisters and we need to help not cancel. Shame on you Mr. Ford you are making it difficult for me to like you.

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