MPP meets with local business owners

By Lindsay Advocate

Brock MPP and Ontario Minister of Labour Laurie Scott has been meeting with small businesses and stakeholders across the riding to discuss how the ‘Making Ontario Open for Business Act’ will benefit their businesses and employees. 

“After Bill 148 was suddenly introduced last year, I heard from countless local small businesses about how these changes were hurting our local economy, threatening their livelihoods, and putting local jobs at risk,” Scott said in a press release. “Now, when I meet with small businesses in our community, the message I am hearing is much more positive. They are telling me that the Making Ontario Open for Business Act will provide stability and empower them to hire more local workers.” 

While touring the manufacturing facility of Emily Creek Woodworking yesterday, Minister Scott heard from owners Oliver and Margaret Meyer about how the act would benefit Emily Creek. 

“The previous Bill 148 created unintended negative consequences for small businesses. One example that comes to mind is an abuse of paid leave days. We had an employee who was not working out during their probationary period and given a two-week notice of termination. Despite not actually being ill, they didn’t show up for their final two days of work because they were ‘entitled to their two paid days off,” says Margaret Meyer, co-owner of Emily Creek Woodworking, in Scott’s news release. 

“Right now, we are looking to hire more local people, in part due to the positive changes in Bill 47,” Meyer adds in the MPP’s news release. 

Scott is continuing to consult with businesses, stakeholders, and workers’ advocacy groups in Haliburton – Kawartha Lakes – Brock and across the province regarding the impact of the proposed changes in Bill 47.

Photo: MPP Scott learning about the production process from two Emily Creek Woodworking employees.

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