Motorcycles more unsafe on roads than ATVs, says reader

By Lindsay Advocate

In response to the grassroots group that says the fight is ”not over,” with regard to ATVs on Lindsay’s streets, I don’t understand why there is such pushback on this issue.

I also don’t understand why they think that ATVs on roads is going to put their children’s lives in danger. I am a Lindsay resident and a father of six and I, nor any of the friends I ride with, would never do anything to put anyone else in any kind of danger let alone a child.

For all of the people who oppose this project I have one simple question. What’s more dangerous on our roads, an ATV or a motorcycle? In my humble opinion the answer is easily a motorcycle as they are way more unstable riding on two wheels. So if we allow motorcycles then why not ATVs?

I live approximately six blocks from the trail head and all I want to do is access the trail without having to put my machine on a trailer, fire up a big diesel truck that causes more unwanted pollutants than just riding the ATV.

We have waited so long and come so far to get this trial project off the ground do you really think any licensed and insured riders are going to do anything to risk messing it up? I would like to extend a big thank you to all the council members who voted to give us a chance.

–Chris Dwyer, Lindsay

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