Milk & Honey Eatery owner always had the drive to own her own restaurant

By Roderick Benns

Milk & Honey Eatery owner always had the drive to own her own restaurant

Olivia Moore may just be 22 but she’s hoping for big success at her new restaurant in Lindsay’s bustling downtown. She opened Milk & Honey Eatery last week “because I have always had a strong passion for cooking and baking,” she tells the Advocate.

“I’m a very social person and love working with people for people,” Moore says.

The café style eatery is something she knew she always wanted to do as she was growing up. Moore worked in many cafés and restaurants and then went on to school for business.

“To open my own business and be a woman in business in downtown Lindsay,” is a dream that just made sense for the young entrepreneur. She grew up just outside of town and went to high school here.

“I now live in the area with my fiancé where we have decided to stay. This location made the most sense for me because I’m close to home and it’s an easy commute to work.”

While Moore looked at many possible locations to rent she instantly loved the feel of her new business at 17 William Street S.

“The time was right and I went for it. Now all I hope is for success and a great restaurant,” she says, noting she will be focusing on great customer service.

Milk & Honey Eatery has light breakfasts and gourmet style lunches. There are gluten free options, vegetarian and vegan foods. According to their website, all meals are available for dining in or take out.

The lunch menu has an array of gourmet paninis, homemade soups, salads, deli sandwiches, gluten free quiche, macaroni and cheese and creative daily specials. Baked goods are made every morning and specialty coffees are served as well.

Hours are 8 am to 3 pm daily (Mon-Fri) and Saturday 9 am to 3 pm. Closed Sunday.

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