Med-Health Laboratories chose Lindsay because of long community wait times

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By Lindsay Advocate

For over 50 years, Med-Health Laboratories Ltd has been serving communities across Ontario, placing special emphasis on providing the best patient care in laboratory medicine, according to one of their local doctors.

Whether patients are having a blood test, urine test, or an EKG (which are OHIP insured), they will discover minimal wait times when visiting Med-Health’s Lindsay laboratory at 65 Angeline Street North. Patients are welcome to walk in anytime, or they can book an appointment online.

“The piece that differentiates laboratories is the reputation built on the service provided,” says Dr. Keyur Shah, physician liaison with Med-Health Labs. “Med-Health Lab’s service is excellent and first in class,” he says. “We decided to service Lindsay due to growing wait times in the region, and because it gives us a chance to work closely with the family health care organization.”

Med-Health Laboratories is in suite five of the Angeline Street medical centre. Contact them at 705 878-0505.

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  1. Wendy MacKenzie says:

    Fast, friendly & efficient. What a wonderful change from the situation we faced before!

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