Low-cost PCs available for families or others in need

By Lindsay Advocate

The local company is also including a six-month parts and labour warranty.

A local computer support company, Kawartha Computer Clinic in Lindsay, has obtained almost 100 refurbished Desktop PC’s from an organization hoping they will get into the hands of families and people in need of a PC.

They are refurbished Intel i5 CPU PC’s with Windows 10, and more than enough RAM/storage/power and capabilities for the average user, according to a media release from businsss owner Paul Langham. “They are suitable for home or office use, connecting online, streaming videos and much more.”

The 30-year old company provides support for a growing number of local not-for-profit organizations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters, The John Howard Society, Children’s Services Council, Kawartha Art Gallery, and the Lindsay + District Chamber of Commerce, among others.

Each PC has a valid/licensed version of Microsoft Windows 10 Pre-installed along with software to help the end user be productive without the need for any additional software or expense. This will include LibreOffice Suite which is a Microsoft Office compatible word processor, spreadsheet, presentation and drawing group of apps. This will allow the end user to be able to fill out forms, create a resume or complete schoolwork.

The end user will also find Adobe Acrobat Reader installed which is often required to digitally sign some forms and open PDF files. “We will also install Google Chrome and several other free or open-source apps that will prevent the user from having to buy software to complete routine functions,” says Langham.

The local company is also including a six-month parts and labour warranty. “This is to prevent the end user from having to pay for any repairs during the time they need to meet their goals. They will also have a local and toll-free support number they can call for basic telephone support for their PC or any technical issue they may be having.”

The business owner says they have a few different models of these PC’s. Once we have set them up and they are ready for delivery to users, they will typically sell for less than $200 (without monitors). “We expect that with a monitor, keyboard and mouse we will still be able to deliver a full desktop PC system for well under $300.00 for a complete system.”

We are also able to obtain small Chromebook laptops (11”) for an expected $179.00 each. These are limited supply and models/brands may vary. These are useful for families with children who may require them for school or just a user who needs a basic, easy to use PC.

Langham says he would like to see these PCs get into the hands of people trying to obtain employment, people that are or have recently experienced homelessness, re-entering society from the justice system, on social support, or for those in school or in literacy programs where having a PC would assist them achieve their goals.

If an organization has any programs where there is a need for these PCs or if a group wants to refer prospective individuals or families or subsidize one for a client, Kawartha Computer Clinic can help, says Langham, pointing out they also have a layaway program for people if needed.

“We will make it as easy as we can to find the right PC for a person in need and provide tech support for them until they can get back on their feet.”

Langham says Kawartha Computer Clinic is also on the lookout for any used monitors, keyboards and mice in good condition. Anyone with these items or even older PC’s who would like to donate them can drop them off at their office, at 1 William Street South, Unit 3, Lindsay. Or call 705-328-9918 and they will pick your items up. Call the same number to express your interest in this program. Hours of operation are 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

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