Local fashion micro-business big on sustainability

By Lindsay Advocate

From her home in Kawartha Lakes, Anna Luckai runs her micro-business, Sancutary Innerwear, and designs and makes a line of women’s innermost garments (camisoles, corselettes, boxers, nighties and gowns). She encourages people to “dress in mindfulness.”

That’s because Luckai sources the fabric for her line from swatchon.com, a South Korean-based company using only certified sustainable eucalyptus fabric in her designs.

She purchases the fabric in its undyed, unbleached form and then grows the plants used to dye the products, such as indigo and woad for the colour blue. Luckai also responsibly forages for other plants used in other colours, such as goldenrod, walnut, rhubarb and sumac.

The resultant colours are 100 per cent natural. The small business owner sews all the garments. Additionally, she uses plants to distill an infusion, which she puts right into the fabric.

In sourcing only sustainable fabric and using plants as dyes, Sanctuary Innerwear was recently awarded a level 3 rating for “emerging leadership” in sustainability by global non-profit Textile Exchange.

Luckai says she is “proud of her commitment to sustainable sourcing” and local manufacturing.

Her products can be found on her website sanctuaryinnerwear.com, and on Facebook and Instagram, and at local markets and shows.

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