Lindsay Medical Brigade off to Honduras Jan. 2019

By Lindsay Advocate

Lindsay Medical Brigade is made up of a group of 20 volunteers. The group consists of physicians, registered nurses, registered practical nurses, pharmacist, laymen and a security team. The Peterborough-based group, Friends of Honduran Children consisting of 16-18 medical professionals, will be joining the Lindsay Medical Brigade in this mission. Some of the many goals the Lindsay Medical Brigade and Friends of Honduran Children have for their time in Honduras is to provide basic things that most take for granted such as education, technology, medical, dental, and optical care.

They are hoping to set up a computer lab for students at an orphanage as there was no computer availability for the students to learn. The Lindsay Medical Brigade has asked for local donations of old laptops in order to wipe them clean and install a Spanish version of Microsoft Word for the students to use.

The main purpose of the Lindsay Medical Brigade and Friends of Honduran Children is to provide care to remote villages in the mountainous regions of Honduras and to improve the quality of life for impoverished Honduran children and their families, to meet basic needs, and to empower them to break the cycle of deprivation and hardship that controls their lives. These areas of Honduras would not normally have access to healthcare of any kind. Last year there were nine brigades that saw over 2,000 patients.

The Honduran Government lacks support for healthcare, and a serious shortage of adequate facilities, portable water and sanitation services have led to a serious health crisis throughout Honduras. Lindsay Medical Brigade fundraises for medications, dental supplies, clothing and eyeglasses to take to Honduras. Lindsay Medical Brigade is currently requesting any donations of clothing, shoes, or any cloth based items. Any items that are not able to be taken to Honduras will be forwarded to Kidney Clothing who will provide a percentage per pound. The money used from this will be used to purchase pre-natal and child vitamins.

Honduran families are grateful for the help provided by Lindsay Medical Brigade and Friends of Honduran Children. They have access to very little and are appreciative of the care that is provided through this mission. The next brigade leaves for Honduras Jan. 10, 2019.

The Lindsay Medical Brigade and Friends of Honduran Children are grateful for any assistance from the public. To make a donation visit here and indicate your donation is for the Lindsay Medical Brigade. Or call 705-749-1900 to make a donation.

— with files from Ethan Sauvé

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