Lindsay Cycle Studio supports RMH

By Lindsay Advocate

With pink balloons paired up and hung around the room, Josette Deuchars revealed her riders’ fundraising intentions for the month of October:  support for the purchase of 3D mammography technology with a donation to the Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation.

Each month, Josette and her riders at the Lindsay Cycle Studio support a community cause. “October was special to my riders as one of them was recently diagnosed with breast cancer,” said Josette Deuchars. “The studio raised $425 over four Wednesday nights, which is a lot for us as we are a small studio.”

Autumn Campbell was touched by the studio team’s efforts to support her during her treatments, and joined Josette when she visited the Ross Memorial on Nov. 22 to present the donation to Erin Coons, RMH Foundation executive director.

“We’re so pleased to be able to show Autumn and Josette the new 3D Mammography Unit that just went into service this week,” said Erin Coons. “Our Hospital couldn’t afford advanced technology such as this without the support of the community and philanthropic-minded business owners such as Josette. With a goal to support a local cause every month, she and her riders are truly powerhouses of generosity!”

Thanks to donors’ support, the Ross Memorial Hospital’s breast health services now include tomosynthesis (3D imaging that helps to pinpoint the exact size and location of breast lesions) and stereotactic biopsies. Ross Memorial is the first site in Ontario to use the SmartCurve Breast Stabilization System, which features curved paddles and processing algorithms to ensure a more comfortable experience for our patients.

“It’s wonderful to have this in the community,” said Autumn Campbell. “And to think that it was funded completely with donations—that’s just incredible.”

Every day at the Ross, the RMH team screens approximately 30 women.

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