Lindsay author publishes children’s book inspired by late brother

By Lindsay Advocate

Local author, Susan Young, has published a children's book inspired by her late brother.

Kawartha Lakes resident Susan Young has published her first book by combining her love for family, children and writing.

As a retired educator, Young knows a thing or two about what children like to read. As a wife, mother, and grandmother she knows the value of engaging children in reading at an early age. This book a sentimental tribute to her late brother, packaged in an entertaining, whimsical tale of him as a boy. Based on true events, Young has captured the essence of an active child, embraced his antics, and memorialized his big heart.

The first of more to come, Young is inspired and plans to write again.

Uncle Tom is available online, via, at Tradewind Toys & Gifts, as well as at Kent Bookstore.


  1. Lori Debois Fry says:

    This is exciting news …. I remember Susan and her brother from our elementary school days. Congratulations, Susan!!! I cannot wait to read your book!!! Lori Debois Fry

  2. Young Susan says:

    Aww, thank you so much Lori.

    • Marnie Ferguson says:

      Susan’s book is such a delightful tribute to her big brother Tom. Written in engaging rhyme, “Uncle Tom” is certain to become each child’s favourite bedtime story. For those of us who knew this dear man, it is so heart warming to know that Susan has captured the true spirit of her larger than life brother while ensuring that his precious memory is indelibly imprinted upon the history of the Bell family.

  3. Elly Perry says:

    So proud of your accomplishments Sue!! Your warm hearted memories, experience and talent blend together to create a fascinating
    story for all to enjoy! Looking forward to book # 2 in the near future.

  4. Gloria Hutchison says:

    Good morning
    I am a former elementary teacher who taught in Young’s Point Ontario in the early 1960’s.
    I taught a delightful family of Charlie and Aileen Young with two daughters and maybe a son who lived in Young’s Point close to water. I typed out an early memoir of the family for Aileen when I lived at Thelgar Lodge in Young’s Point.
    Mrs. Young was a wonderful creative writer.
    I wonder is you are of the same family.
    I am now 80 years old. Could it be a coincidence that you are related to my memories of the Young family of Young’s Point?
    Teacher Miss Gloria Sheehey later married R.R. Hutchison in Toronto.

  5. Fran Dominic says:

    Hi Susan. Best of luck with your book. What a wonderful tribute to your brother. You have shown people that they can always try something new. I hope the book does well.

  6. Gloria Hutchison says:

    Good morning. I am a retired elementary school teacher who taught in Young’s Point Ontario in the early 1960’s.
    While there I taught delightful children of the Charle and Aileen Young Family. Two girls and perhaps a boy. They lived close to the water in the village. A well established family in the area.
    Sue, Wondering if you are descendant of that family.
    While there I did some typing of a booklet for Aileen of her family history.
    A creative lady who created poetry as well.
    What a coincidence if you are if the same family!
    I was teacher Miss Sheehey and later married R.R. Hutchison in Toronto.
    I attended Fenelon Falls High School

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