Lindsay and area: Join Toronto for the largest ever march for basic income

By Lindsay Advocate

Canadians are marching for Universal Basic Income on Oct. 26 as Toronto and cities around the world join forces – and it won’t be just Toronto, as people from Lindsay and other areas will also be taking part.

The event will be held in front of the Ontario Legislative Building at Queen’s Park, from where participants will march and hear from champions of a universal basic income in Canada.

“Come show your support for a growing international movement that is demanding basic income as a necessary part of our future economy,” says the group’s website.

If you wish to take part and live in Kawartha Lakes, contact  or text or call 6478896900 between 10 am and 5 pm.

There are 35 spots on the bus left that will be departing Lindsay. It will leave LaMantia’s Country Market at 9:15 am and return at 7 pm. LaMantia’s is located at 50 William St S, Lindsay.

In your message please include your name and phone number and if you were on the Ontario Basic Income Pilot or are simply a supporter.

Confirmed world cities that will be joining the Toronto march:

New York
Kumbungu, Ghana
Kansas City
San Francisco
Salt Lake City
Washington, DC
Vancouver BC


  1. Lawrence Payne says:

    Hello , my name is Lawrence Payne from Hamilton , Ont , Canada.
    I was in fact a participant in the Ontario Basic Income Pilot. I am disappointed that I will not be able to join the march , as I have been I’ll and am disabled. I also just recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. No doubt from the poor , cheap , food that was all I can afford now. I was doing far better when I was on B. I. I was raised well and when not disabled , was in excellent health most of my 56 yrs .
    Basic Income for All is a necessity for all who need it and should be available to all who need it as I.
    Not just for better , nutritious food , but all the necessities we need to live a productive , healthy , future in which we all can benefit from a place to call home , furthering education , eating and clothing ourselves in a manner in which we can all hold our heads high and benefit from a caring Goverment that does not want to ( at the end of the day) , end up with a population of extremely sad , undereducated , sick people whom will only serve to cost them more in the future.
    Fight until you cannot fight anymore , I certainly will in my own way.
    Onward we go.
    Lawrence Payne

  2. Oscar (Oz) Cole-Arnal says:

    Hi all,

    As a Democratic socialist, I would be a conspicuous hypocrite if I did not support a strong basic income project chiefly to help lower (as radically as possible) wealth inequality, thus both 1) allowing people to live humanely and 2) join key global struggles such as Greta’s move to honor & save the environment. Joining these two issues (environment & basic livable income) is a vital step toward a genuine POPULAR FRONT over against the shameless capitalist barons who control so very much of our infrastructure & who, in their greed, drag us to oblivion unless we fight back via massive non-violent direct action. Sadly my age (78) & chiefly my Parkinsons disease prevent me from being part of the upcoming Toronto event. This is especially painful since I have been an on-the-streets kind of guy since MLK’s martyrdom (April 4, 1968) until 2 years ago when Parkinsons forced me to cut my activism by 3/4. Although my feet cannot join you this time, my heart will be there.

    Solidarity & then some,
    Rev. Doc. Oscar Cole-Arnal (Oz)

  3. Connie McKinstry says:

    I’m afraid I’ve given up hope of Doug Ford even listening to people like us. We mean nothing to him. Even though he promised he would keep this program going when he was campaigning for office, it was on his hit list from the start. When I received the call confirming that I had been accepted to the program, I burst into tears and told the caller that she had literally saved my life. It was true. Now the program is gone, and I just can’t allow myself to believe in the government anymore.

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