Liberal’s bill on conversion therapy is flawed, says reader

By Lindsay Advocate

Conversion therapy is an abhorrent practice that should be banned in Canada. I’m glad that MP Jamie Schmale recognizes this. (Schmale under fire for seeking guidance from constituents on outlawing conversion therapy.)

I am also thankful that he is engaging his constituents as to their thoughts on Bill C-6 (conversion therapy).

The reality is, the Liberal government has introduced a flawed bill that will not only criminalize the bad (shock therapy, coercion and isolation treatment) but also the good (talk therapy, counselling), and thereby reduce the availability of help for children and teens who experience gender dysphoria.

Children do not have the capacity to make irreversible, life-changing decisions. It is for good reason that a certain level of maturity is required before society allows children to drink alcohol, drive a motor vehicle, (or) get married.

Gender dysphoria is real and those who experience it need to be loved, cherished, and cared for. Unfortunately, this bill aims to protect children with gender dysphoria by silencing everyone – except those who affirm a child’s choice – from dialoguing with them, even though a child certainly does not understand the consequences of embracing a dysphoric reality.

If this bill passes, it will send a chill over any parent, counsellor, or faith leader who lovingly cares for a child experiencing gender dysphoria with anything other than an affirmation of those feelings.

This not only disrespects the role of parents but also has the potential for tragic and lifelong challenges for the children they desire to love and care for. If these concerns are expressed by Mr. Schmale’s constituents than I would certainly hope he would bring them into the debate.

Mike Schouten, Director of Advocacy

Association for Reformed Political Action, Canada

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