Labour unions expanded the middle class

By Lindsay Advocate

Re: Benns’ Belief on unions in the February Advocate.

Excellent piece. I find it completely baffling that Kawartha Lakes would ever vote Conservative given the demographics of this city. The labour unions are what has expanded the middle class. People seem to forget that private companies and corporations are in business to make a profit for the owners and shareholders.

Profit is achieved by efficiencies and lower costs. Both factors are achieved at the expense of the worker. A corporation or private company’s objective is to pay the workers the least and demand to most. The Conservative Party supports this model. They demonize labour as being too strong or being ‘controlled by the union bosses. Their main objective is to get rid of unions so the corporate and private owners can have cheap labour.

The current provincial government, represented locally by Laurie Scott, cancelled the basic income pilot program. They froze minimum wage; they pay health care workers a shameful wage. They also hate regulations aimed at protecting workers and providing safe working conditions.

The union movement is there for the workers. It has provided reasonable wages, safe working conditions, health benefits and often a decent pension. Unions need to be strong to counterbalance the political and corporate philosophy of maximizing profit at the expense of the worker.

Wayne Medford, Lindsay


  1. Wendy MacKenzie says:

    Well said, Sir! I could NOT agree more. It utterly defeats me to think that such otherwise kind, caring and friendly people as the citizens of Kawartha Lakes would consistently vote for a Party that is the antithesis of that. Conservatives are, by their very nature, against the working class and the “economically inactive” (i.e anyone who, for whatever reasons, does not or cannot work). We need the Unions now as much as we ever did!

  2. John says:

    The recent revelation that the former leaders of OPSUE the public employees union are being sued by the union for $24 million indicates not all unions are there just for the benefit of the dues paying members.

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