KLFS makes a stink about food insecurity

By Lindsay Advocate

Darryl James doesn't look like he wants to lose this one.

The Kawartha Lakes Food Source (KLFS) is excited to announce the kickoff of their 2021 Stinky Fish Challenge fundraiser.

Local leaders Darryl James (solo artist and bassist of The Strumbellas), Leanna and Luis Segura (local entrepreneurs and co-owners of Fresh FueLL/North Ward Coffee Co.), as well as Patrick Lynch (Team Brad Bird at MinCom Plus Realty) will be putting their taste buds on the line to garner financial support for KLFS in their fight against food insecurity.

Luis and Leanna Segura.

The challenger who raises the least amount of funds by August 27 must eat a can of Surströmming. Special ordered from Sweden, this lightly salted fermented Baltic Sea herring is known to be the “stinkiest” fish in the world.

In 2018, KLFS did their first rendition of this Stinky Fish Challenge and raised over $3,000. Participants in 2018 were Police Chief Mark Mitchell, Community Advocate Mike Perry, and 91.9 BOB FM morning show hosts Bob and Julie. Out of community spirit, all participants shared the stinky fish meal, rather than sticking the “loser” with a full plate.

Between August 6 and August 27, you can make your donation to save your choice of local leader from having to eat a plate of stinky fish.

Keep track of who is in the lead by following Kawartha Lakes Food Source social media @KawarthaLakesFoodSource. As well each Challenger has an individual campaign page for you to more easily make your donation!

To donate in support of Darryl James, click here.

To donate in support of Leanna and Luis Segura, click here.

To donate in support of Patrick Lynch, click here.

“Any chance to help in this community,” said Patrick Lynch, when asked why he wanted to do the Challenge. “I grew up here, live here, and I’m going to work hard to fundraise to help, but also so I don’t have to eat that Stinky Fish!”

For more information about KLFS or the Stinky Fish Challenge, please contact Kate at info@kawarthalakesfoodsource.com or 705-324-0707.

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