KLCFDC funding opportunity still open

By Lindsay Advocate

There is still over a week for local businesses and community organizations in Kawartha Lakes to submit applications to the Kawartha Lakes CFDC for their innovation projects that may be seeking financial assistance through the Government of Canada’s new Community Economic Development and Diversification funding stream.

“Innovation remains the backbone of our economic and social development and has been since the Industrial Revolution and in going forward,” said Andrew Wallen, General Manager of the KLCFDC.

“This is not only about manufacturing either. New thinking, new products, processes and technologies have impacts in all aspects of business, industry and our social development. Science, agriculture, retail, service industries, are all continuously innovating—and let’s not forget our own personal devices that we use every day: cell phones, computers, smart televisions and these days, things like 3D printers and applications that productivity is now being driven by: artificial intelligence, cloud computing or the Internet of Things. This funding is to assist those to implement these types of innovations as well as others within growing their businesses and community-based organizations.”

“Our support should also help local businesses in developing sustainable job creation, delivering increased sales, strengthening competitiveness and providing for expansion—potentially by creating access to new markets. Community Innovation projects should also have the capability to deliver in similar ways.”

Up to $100,000 in a non-repayable contribution may be available to applicants who can provide the required matching support. “While applications are available on-line at www.KLCFDC.com one should be certain they understand all of the program details,” Wallen suggests that people consider contacting the CFDC about their projects before sending in their final submissions, which are due by Noon on June 6.

Anyone can contact the KLCFDC at 705-328-0261, extension 27 for more information.

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