Kawartha Wholesale Bakery steps up to give Central kids a Christmas dinner

By Lindsay Advocate

For many years Central Senior School in Lindsay has offered an authentic Christmas dinner for kids – this year happening Dec. 18 in the school gym.

Cherie Knox, a parent volunteer, says it was typically organized by the teachers, staff and parents.

“We had an amazing EA, Karen Brown, who ran the whole thing for years. Teachers would all take home a turkey to cook and carve, there were hundreds of potatoes peeled, buns cut and buttered, veggies made and all served by staff and parent volunteers,” Knox says.

But after Brown retired a couple years ago the school turned to community volunteers.

“Kawartha Wholesale Bakery was so very generous last year and cooked all the turkeys for us.  They also donated all the dinner rolls,” says Knox.

The popular bakery has stepped up again to help this year, too.

All the food is purchased with school funds that are mostly raised from the hot lunch program that takes place throughout the year, she notes.

School council parent volunteers organize, shop, help cook, set up, serve, and clean up alongside teachers and staff.

“It’s such a great experience for the students and the whole Central Senior community.”

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  1. Hope Poulson says:

    What a wonderful thing. I know Karen and it is so something should would be proud that you are carrying on. Way to go Kawartha Bakery for your generosity.

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