Kawartha Settlers’ Village honours volunteers

By Lindsay Advocate

The board of directors of the Kawartha Region Arts and Heritage Society made the decision that George Jackett, George Coene, Harry van Oudenaren and Lynn Webb will be honoured with the designation of ‘regent’ of Kawartha Settlers’ Village.

These individuals were presented this honour on Nov. 20 at the monthly Board of Directors meeting. George Coene was not in attendance, and will be presented his certificate on another occasion. The remaining new designates were all able to join, and share very special details of their history with Kawartha Settlers’ Village and the contributions they have made over the years to ensure the growth and prosperity that the Village sees today.

George Jackett has regularly done work at Kawartha Settlers’ Village through his business W.G. Jackett and Sons Construction. Some items include; the relocation of Boyd Shanty, moving the Trapper’s Cabin, site development for the Shanty, construction of the new pavilion and site preparation for the Harry van Oudenaren Building. Hours of volunteer time from George and his staff over the years have truly helped transform the landscape of the Village.

George Coene is a face you can see often at the Village offering his time and heavy equipment to any task that needs accomplishing. He has recently spent many hours assisting with our new nature trail and has completed projects like; the waterwheel, the Boyd Gate Pillar and our brick pathway. The use of his equipment has saved many hours and many backs over the years, and helped shape the Village as you see it today.

Harry van Oudenaran recently donated not only his extensive collection of artifacts, but also the building to house them. We were lucky to unveil this new exhibit during our Settlers’ Day event this year. Harry is also responsible for many of the historic photos we have on hand at the Village. They tell an amazing story, that otherwise could have been lost.

Lynn Webb has been part of the Festival of Trees decorating committee for over 20 years. During this time she has decorated countless trees, wreaths, garlands and the Village itself to prepare for our annual event. This event has become the main fundraising endeavor for the Village annually, and would not be such a success without the leaders who have made it what it is today

The board was pleased to honour these long term significant contributors to the development of the Village and expects to honour other individuals in the future.

Pictured: Al Ingram, President of Kawartha Region Arts & Heritage Society presenting the Regent certificates to George Jackett, Harry van Oudeneran and Lynn Webb. 

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